The Book of All books

Reisenberger, A. T. ( Azila Talit)


This lecture series will begin by examining the composition of the Bible and canonisation decisions related to the inclusion or exclusion of books, such as the Apocrypha. It will also draw attention to differences between the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament. The lectures will then explore the significance of names in the Bible, in particular the question of who names whom and why, and the names of the Biblical books. Why must God never be directly referred to by name, but always by a substitute ‘nickname’? The third lecture will consider the Bible’s readership: who read it and when, in what language or translations and also the messages we derive from these interpretations. The lectures will also explore how our understanding of the Bible is enhanced by our knowledge of geography, history and culture and will conclude by showing how the Bible reflects human life through family records, medical histories and depictions of various ways of life, of love, hate and intrigue.

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University of Cape Town

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