ICT Integration in Mathematics

Olley, C. (Chris) ; Ngamo, S. T. (Salomon T.)

The process of integrating ICT in education is rarely a simple and linear one - overlaps are often noted, with some elements operating in parallel, in partnership and cyclically. The sequence of steps varies from one activity or situation to the next and must take context into account in order to be effective. The process is thus necessarily incremental and relies on clearly defined objectives to succeed in improving the efficiency of ICT use in education. This document presents major themes to assist educators in better integrating ICT with their teaching, and particularly allowing them to offer higher quality distance education programs to Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics students. An introduction to the theories and principals of ICT integration is presented within six themes, and further developed into seven specific learning objectives, which can be according to the specific subject of the program.

Published by:

African Virtual University (AVU)

DOER Persistent Identifier: http://doer.col.org/handle/123456789/435