Weaver Birds

Neary, T. (Tim) ; Oschadleus, D. (Dieter)


Dieter Oschadleus discusses weavers, from nest-building patterns to the different kinds of weavers (masked weaver, widow and bishop birds, and sparrow weavers, scaly-feathered finch, etc.) and their respective habitats. Weaver nest sites also attract a variety of predators (snakes, birds of prey) and obligate nesters such as the pygmy falcon who do not create their own nests, and thus weaver sites create their own ecologies through provision of shade and concentration of droppings. Citizen scientists can get involved by photographs of weaver sites which are then used to build up a database of weaver sites which provide demographic information very useful to avian zoologists.

Published by:

University of Cape Town

DOER Persistent Identifier: http://doer.col.org/handle//123456789/4333