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Classroom Management and Supervision

dc.contributor.authorOsman, R. M. (Ridwan M.)
dc.description.abstractThe ability to manage, lead and supervise students during the learning process has been shown to be an indispensible component of effective teaching and learning, more so in Sub-Saharan Africa where the challenge of overcrowded classrooms hinders effective teacher instruction in the classroom. For the classroom to serve its purpose, the teacher must be able to establish order. This requires him/her to have the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary. He/she must be able to establish rapport with the students and their parents, involve students in the processes of establishing ground rules for behavior and being accountable for their actions, manage transitions during instructions, motivate students to maximize time-on-task, supervise students in their learning activities and lastly deal with students’ misbehavior effectively. This module is expected to help students master these key skills. It will also equip them with the ability to be open-minded and creative about the application of these techniques to their challenges.en_US
dc.publisherAfrican Virtual University (AVU)en_US
dc.subjectclassroom management
dc.subjectteacher-student relationships
dc.titleClassroom Management and Supervisionen_US
dc.identifier.edutagsWeb Resourceen_US

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