Ecology and Environment

Mworia, J. K. (John Kiogora)


The module consists of 5 units, each with at least 4 learning activities. First you will be introduced to ecology by defining its various branches and terminology. You will then learn how organisms are organised into populations and communities and factors governing their change over time. Organisms interact with one another in ways that affect their populations we will therefore study the various types of relationships between populations and their implications. Having understood how organisms are organised at population and community levels you will proceed to look at their interaction with the environment by studying two key ecosystem processes namely the flow of energy and the cycling of nutrients. You will then apply the ecological concepts learned to analyse the structure and function of key African vegetation communities. We will conclude our study by assessing ecological effects of human activity that lead to habitat degradation characterised by deforestation, desertification, and loss of biodiversity.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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