Mechanics II

Tesfaye, T. (Tilahun)



The central concepts of this module (Mechanics II) are dynamics of a system of particles, rotational motion and Gravitation. The module begins with the study of impulse of a force and its relation with momentum. The second activity is the kinematic and dynamic descriptions of rotational motion. New quantities to describe rotational motion are introduced and used. It will be show that the equations of motion that describe linear motion possess a rotational counterpart. The third activity is on Gravitation Up to now we have described various forces from an entirely empirical point of view. To gain a more unified understanding of such forces and to achieve greater predictive power, we shall now examine two of the four fundamental forces which are ultimately responsible for all other forces. Thus in the third activity we’ll discuss the gravitational force which accounts for the interaction between all astronomical bodies, the motion of the planets and the moon, the trajectories of space vehicles, the occurrence of the tides, and the weights of objects.

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