Mathematical Physics I

Rasoanaivo, R. Y. (René Yves)



This module deals with the mathematical elements essential to understanding physics courses, namely the study of real functions, derivation and integration of a function with one and several real variables, the development of a function, some elements of numerical calculations and, finally, solving a system of linear equations. Learning activities of different difficulty levels are developed with formal assess- ments. Moreover, online word and useful links enable students to study certain topics in detail. Finally, the students will also be able to use software such as “Microsoft Excel 2000” and “Maxima”. * Analysis:Limit and continuity of a function, derivative, extrema determination; Integration (Riemann, Improper, Indefinite) * Series:Infinite series, convergence tests, development of Taylor and Ma- cLaurin series * Differential Calculus: partial derivative, derivatives of implicit functions, total and exact differential * Integration: Integration on open and closed intervals, multiple integrals * Numerical methods: The gamma function, numerical evaluation of finite and infinite sum, numerical evaluation of an integral: the trapezoidal rule and Simpson’s rule * Linear Algebra: Matrix computations, determinant, solving a system of linear equations

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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