Electricity and Magnetism

Obwoya, S. K. (Sam K.)



This course of Electricity and magnetism is intended for students enrolling for B.Ed Degree. The module consists of five units: Concept of electric charge; electric potential; capacitance; direct current and magnetism. The study of electric charge involves differentiating between conductors and insulators and using them to demonstrate the existence of charges. In addition, Coulomb’s law will be stated and its expression derived and used in calculations. Along with this, electric field, dipole moments, potential energy, torque on an electric dipole, and flux of electric field will be defined. Their expressions will be derived and also used to solve problems. Under electric potentials, the sub-topics will be handled and relevant expressions shall be derived and used for calculations. In the third section of the module, capacitance, properties of capacitors, including capacitors with dielectric will be learnt. For the section on Direct current and circuits, derivation of microscopic form of Ohm’s law will be among the expressions to be derived. Also analysis of equivalent circuits will be dealt with. Finally Magnetism will form the last part of the module of which Ampere’s circuital law will form part of it.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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