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  • Developing ODL Curricula and Learning Resources 

    Rani, A. (Abha); Mishra, A. (Amita); Moore, A. (Andrew) (State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), 2013)
    This document outlines a process for curriculum and learning resource development for effective ODL provision. It suggests three core stages of curriculum design, course design and learning resource development which are ...

  • Organization & Administration of a Resource Centre 

    Mohamed, H. B. (Hasnah Binti); Abdol, M. J. B. (Mat Jizat Bin) (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2013)
    The aim of this course is to give exposure to students on management of resource centre. The course will cover the aspects of theories and principles of management, competencies for resource centre manager and other aspects ...

  • Curriculum framework in Scotland 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-04)
    In this unit you will find a discussion of the national curricula framework in Scotland. This is discussed in terms of the literacy curricula, and compared to the framework set up in England and Wales.

  • Managing Teaching and Learning 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    This module is about the management of teaching and learning. We begin by exploring the school as a learning organization and promoting a culture of learning and teaching, which is dedicated to constant renewal and ...

  • Lead and Manage Organisational System, Physical and Financial Resources 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    This module examines the structures, systems and processes that should be established in order for a school to be effective. The expectation of all stakeholders in the school environment is that an effective school will ...

  • Lead and Manage a Subject, Learning Area or Phase 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    The purpose of this module is to develop effective curriculum leaders and managers who will enhance the quality of teaching and learning through application of the theories, concepts and issues handled in this module. It ...

  • Lead and Manage People 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    You will find that there are therefore constant cross references between this module and the other modules. This is because in working in schools we constantly need to lead and manage other people in the processes of ...

  • Plan and Conduct Assessment 

    Not available (Department of Education Republic of South Africa, 2013-04)
    This module is aimed at helping you perform these roles to the best of your ability. As such, it provides you with information on assessment and evaluation in general and on outcomes-based assessment in particular. It ...

  • Structuring Learning 

    Not available (University of Cambridge, 2013-04)
    The resource includes relevant information regarding lesson and curriculum planning for high quality pedagogy.

  • The 'why and 'what' of educational leadership and management 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-04)
    This unit introduces you to researching educational leadership and management and how undertaking research can contribute to both good practice and the building of leadership capacity.

  • Language in Leadership and Management 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    This module serves a dual purpose. On the one hand it is aimed at developing the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills you need to successfully work your way through all the modules included in this ACE programme. ...

  • Develop a Portfolio to Demonstrate School Leadership and Management Competence 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    The main purpose of this module is to assist you to compile a reflective portfolio with evidence of your competence in school leadership and management. The secondary purpose is to enable you to understand the use of ...

  • The Curriculum Imagination 

    Beckett, L. (Lori) (Leeds Metropolitan University, 2013-04)
    Professor Lori Beckett presents "The Curriculum Imagination"

  • Mentor School Managers & Manage Mentoring Programmes in Schools 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    This module aims at empowering school managers and teachers to develop and implement appropriate mentoring programmes

  • An Outline of Basil Bernstein's Concepts 

    Harley, K. (Ken) (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    The work of Basil Bernstein arguably tells us more about curriculum than any other writer. He provides a well-developed set of concepts and criteria for understanding curriculum (and for doing research), and his work has ...

  • Creating a Caring School: A Guide for School Management Teams (with Accompanying Toolkit) 

    Bialobrzeska, M. (Maryla); Randell, C. (Christina); Hellman, L. (Liora); Winkler, G. (Gisela) (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    This resource is comprised of two companion components, the guide and the toolkit. The guide is intended to assist school leadership and management to understand why and how a particular strategy, method, or idea is useful, ...

  • Conversations with the Mathematics Curriculum: Testing and Teacher Development 

    Brodie, K. (Karin); Shalem, Y. (Yael); Sapire, I. (Ingrid); Manson, L. (Lynne) (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    This paper addresses the question: how do mathematics teachers make meaning from curriculum statements in relation to their teaching practices. We report on a teacher development activity in which teachers mapped test items ...

  • Managing a School's Educational Resources 

    Razafimbelo, J. (Judith) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2013-04)
    This module answers the following questions: - What are the different components of a school system, and how do they interrelate functionally and structurally? - What is the concept of the Principals role and how is it ...

  • Manage Law, Policy, Planning, School Development and Governance 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    This core module is about understanding, and managing the requirements of education law, policy, planning, school development and governance, and the changes which schools must implement and manage. This module examines ...

  • The interplay between leading and learning 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-04)
    Leadership in learning contexts is not confined to those who have it as part of their job title. Everyone has opportunities for leading - be it of learners, of colleagues in curriculum or project development, or more ...