Popular Policing Video Lecture Part I

Shearing, C. (Clifford) ; Kinnes, I. (Irvin)


This seminar is part of a digital course Trends in the Governance of Security , introduced by Clifford Shearing, which focuses on civic or popular policing. This type of policing is located within communities rather than within either the state or private security. Irvin Kinnes looks at methods of non-state forms of justice and policing in communities in South Africa giving a historical overview and discussing the challenges faced. Learning across Borders (LABS) is an initiative to foster sustainable teaching and research in Africa is the outreach arm of the Centre of Criminology at the University of Cape Town. Trends in the Governance of Security is the first of a series of digital courses which aim is to support and enhance the the quality of teaching on security and justice within African tertiary learning institutions. The aim is to develop and share digital materials that will bring key scholars in Africa and the world directly into African classrooms. Through the development of these courses it is intended to provide support to African learning institutions engaged in capacity development for scholars, policy analysts and practitioners. Funding for the Project was received from the South African National Research Foundation (NRF) Chair of Security and Justice - a South Africa Research Chairs Initiative of the Department of Science and Technology and the NRF, hosted by the Law Faculty UCT as well as the Centre of Educational Technology at the University of Cape Town.

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University of Cape Town

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