Concrete Technology

Misra, S. (Sudhir)

Modules / Lectures : Introduction and course overview ; Constituents of concrete ; Admixtures in concrete – mineral and chemical ; Hydration of cement ; Basic properties of concrete ; Proportioning of concrete mixes) ; Pores and porosity in concrete ; Porosimetry – measuring pores in concrete ; Principles of quality control in concrete construction ; Quality control and acceptance criteria for concrete based on compressive strength ; Fibre reinforced concrete ; High strength concrete ; Mass concrete ; Concreting in cold weather ; Concreting in hot weather ; Roller compacted concrete ; Self-compacting concrete ; Testing self-compacting concrete ; Shotcrete and underwater concrete ; Alkali – aggregate reaction ; Reinforcement corrosion in concrete ; Chloride penetration in concrete ; Using epoxy-coated bars in concrete structures ; Using FRP as reinforcement in concrete structures ; Grouting and importance of formwork in concrete construction ; Carbonation and freezing & thawing in concrete structures ; Using recycled aggregates in concrete construction ; Basic non-destructive testing for concrete structures ; Measuring permeability in concrete ; Some additional topics ; Considerations in repair of concrete structures ; Laboratory demonstration ; Review of the course ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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