Mathematics III

Agrawal, P. N. ; Srivastava, T. (Tanuja)

Modules / Lectures : Solution of ODE of First Order and First Degree ; Linear Differential Equations of the First Order ; Approximate Solution of An Initial Value ; Series Solution of Homogeneous Linear ; Bessel Functions and Their Properties ; Laplace Transformation ; Applications Of Laplace Transformation ; One Dimensional Wave Equation ; One Dimensional Heat Equation ; Introduction to Differential Equation ; First Order Differential Equations and Their Geometric Interpretation ; Differential Equations of First Order Higher Degree ; Linear Differential Equation of Second Order ; Euler-Cauchy Theorem ; Higher Order Linear Differential Equations ; Higher Order Non homogeneous Linear Equations ; Boundary Value Problems ; Strum Liouville boundary Value Problem ; Fourier Series ; Convergence of the Fourier Series ; Fourier Integrals ; Fourier Transforms ; Partial Differential Equation ; First Order Partial Differential Equation ; Second Order Partial Differential Equations ; Solution of One Dimensional Wave Equation ; Solution of HomogeneousNon Homogeneous Equations ; Fourier IntegralTransform Method for Heat Equation ; Three Dimensional Laplace Equation ; Solution of Drichlet Problem ; Numerical Method for Laplace Poisson equation ; ADI Method for Laplace and Poisson Equation ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)