Quantum Mechanics I

Bala, S. L. (S. Lakshmi)

Modules / Lectures : Quantum Mechanics – An Introduction ; Linear Vector Spaces - I ; Linear Vector Spaces - II: The two-level atom ; Linear Vector Spaces - III: The three-level atom ; Postulates of Quantum Mechanics ; The Uncertainty Principle ; The Linear Harmonic Oscillator ; Introducing Quantum Optics ; An Interesting Quantum Superposition: The Coherent State ; The Displacement and Squeezing Operators ; Exercises in Finite Dimensional Linear Vector Spaces ; Exercises on Angular Momentum Operators and their algebra ; Exercises on Quantum Expectation Values ; Composite Systems ; The Quantum Beam Splitter ; Addition of Angular Momenta ; Infinite Dimensional Linear Vector Spaces ; Square-Integrable Functions ; Ingredients of Wave Mechanics ; The Schrodinger equation ; Wave Mechanics of the Simple Harmonic Oscillator ; One-Dimensional Square Well Potential: The Bound State Problem ; The Square Well and the Square Potential Barrier ; The Particle in a one-dimensional Box ; A Charged Particle in a Uniform Magnetic Field ; The Wavefunction: Its Single-valuedness and its Phase ; The Central Potential ; The Spherical Harmonics ; Central Potential: The Radial Equation ; Illustrative Exercises ; Ehrenfest's Theorem ; Perturbation Theory ; Time-dependent Hamiltonians ; The Jaynes-Cummings model ;

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