Condensed Matter Physics

Rangarajan, G.

Modules / Lectures : Principles of Condensed Matter Physics ; Symmetry in Perfect Solids ; Symmetry in Perfect Solids - Worked Examples ; Diffraction Methods For Crystal Structures ; Diffraction Methods For Crystal Structures - Worked Examples ; Physical Properties of Crystals ; Cohesion in Solids ; The Free Electron Theory of Metals ; The Free Electron Theory of Metals - Electrical Conductivity ; Thermal Conductivity of Metals ; The Concept of Phonons ; Debye Theory of Specific Heat, Lattice Vibrations ; Phonon thermal conductivity ; Anharmonicity and Thermal Expansion ; Dielectric (Insulating) Solids ; Dispersion and Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves in Dielectric Media, Ferro-and Antiferroelectrics ; Optical Properties of Metals; Ionic Polarization in Alkali Halides; Piezoelectricity ; Dia - and Paramagnetism ; Paramagnetism of Transition Metal and Rare Earth Ions ; Quenching of Orbital Angular Momentum; Ferromagnetism ; Exchange Interactions, Magnetic Order, Neutron Diffraction ; Hysteresis and Magnetic Domains; Spin Waves and Magnons ; Magnetic Resonance ; Pauli Paramagnetism and Landau Diamagnetism ; Band Magnetism; Itinerant Electrons; Stoner Model ; Superconductivity - Perfect Electrical Conductivity and Perfect Diamagnetism ; Type I and Type II Superconductors ; Ginsburg - Landau Theory, Flux Quantization ; Cooper Pairs ; Microscopic (BCS) Theory of Superconductivity ; BCS Theory (Continued): Josephson Tunneling: Quantum Interference ; Josephson Effect (Continued); High Temperature Superconductors ; Energy Bands in Solids ; Electron Dynamics in a Periodic Solid ; Semiconductors ; Defects in Solids - Point Defects ; Defects in Solids - Line and Surface Defects ; Quantum Fluids and Quantum Solids ; Epilogue ;

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