Introduction to Biomaterials

Balani, K. (Kantesh) ; Basu, B. (Birkamjit)

Modules / Lectures : Introduction to basic concepts of Biomaterials Science; Salient properties of important material classes; overview of body environment ; Manufacturing and properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites ; Concept of biocompatibility, host response, structure-property of biological cell ; Structure and properties of cells, protein and cellular adaptation process ; Cell ; Cell Migration and Cell Division and cell death ; Cell Differentiation and Cell Death ; Cell Apoptosis ; Structure and properties of Protein; cell - material interaction ; Assessment of biocompatibility of biomaterials ; Biological testing (hemocompatibility, tribological testing) ; Structure and properties of bone as well as in vivo testing and histocompatibility assessment. ; Important biometallic alloys ; Ti Alloy ; Co-Cr-Mo alloys ; Bioceramics ; Processing of Bioceramics ; Ceramics, Bioceramics and Glasses ; Sintering and mechanical properties of ceramics. ; Fracture and toughening of ceramic composites ; Development of based bioceramic composites for hard tissue replacement ; Alternative phosphate materials, based composites with bactericidal property and glass ceramics for dental restoration ; Electrostatic Spraying of UHMWPE-HA-CNT composites ; Thin Films and Coatings ; hermal Spray Coatings ; Biocompatibility of plasma sprayed CNT reinforced Hydroxyapatite biocomposite coatings ; Biocompatibility of Alumina and CNT reinforced Hydroxyapatite ; Glass-ceramics for dental restoration applications ; Structure and properties of polymers ; Biodegradable polymers (Importance) ; Biodegradable polymers (Types) ; Mechanisms of Bioerosion ; External field and material interaction ; Tissue Engineering and wound healing ; Understanding Design Concepts of Bio-implants ; Understanding Design Concepts of Dental-implants ; Understanding Design Concepts of Orthopedic-implant

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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