Introduction to Project Planning

Massyn, M. (Mark)

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The course is designed to introduce students to the philosophy and benefits of project management within an organization, more specifically the role of planning in project management. This course is a module on the Construction Management 3 course (part of the programme Construction Studies) and is also a prerequisite for students that enrol for the course Project Planning and Implementation (part of the Master's in PM programme). The link contains two resources used for teaching project management. 1. A Manual of Planning Techniques This guide introduces the student to the fundamental principles of project scheduling and control. On completion of the session the student will be able to: * Gather information from all the relevant stakeholders and sequence project activities; * Determine the activity time durations using all relevant information available; * Calculate the project duration using established planning techniques; * Analyse the project resource schedules; * Use an appropriate medium to communicate the schedule to all project participants * Monitor the project progress, updated schedules and present the information to the client. 2. Project Planning and the Critical Path Presentation This unit is an introduction to project management using the critical path. The critical path method (CPM) is a mathematically based algorithm for scheduling a set of project activities and is an important tool for effective project management.

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