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Title: Adaptive Signal Processing
Authors: Chakraborty, M. (Mrityunjoy)
Keywords: telecommunications
electronics & microelectronics
Edutags: Full Course
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)
Abstract: Modules / Lectures : Introduction to Adaptive Filters ; Introduction to Stochastic Processes ; Stochastic Processes ; Correlation Structure ; FIR Wiener Filter (Real) ; Steepest Descent Technique ; LMS Algorithm ; Convergence Analysis ; Convergence Analysis (Mean Square) ; Misadjustment and Excess MSE ; Sign LMS Algorithm ; Block LMS Algorithm ; Fast Implementation of Block LMS Algorithm ; Vector Space Treatment to Random Variables ; Orthogonalization and Orthogonal Projection ; Orthogonal Decomposition of Signal Subspaces ; Introduction to Linear Prediction ; Lattice Filter ; Lattice Recursions ; Lattice as Optimal Filter ; Linear Prediction and Autoregressive Modeling ; Gradient Adaptive Lattice ; Introduction to Recursive Least Squares ; RLS Approach to Adaptive Filters ; RLS Adaptive Lattice ; RLS Lattice Recursions ; RLS Lattice Algorithm ; RLS Using QR Decomposition ; Givens Rotation ; Givens Rotation and QR Decomposition ; Systolic Implementation ; Singular Value Decomposition ;
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