Ocean Structures and Materials

Chandrasekaran, S. (Srinivasan)

Modules / Lectures : Fixed type offshore structures ; Compliant type offshore structures ; Drill ships and basics of drilling ; Subsea production systems ; Environmental loads ; Types of coastal structures ; Summary of coastal structures ; Outline of planning of ocean structures ; Introduction to design ; Construction techniques ; Dredging ; Uncertainties in analysis and design ; Design adequacy- Example ; Dredging equipments' specifications ; Ocean Pollution ; Foundation and sea bed anchors ; Introduction to materials ; Concrete in marine environment ; Concrete: problems and solutions ; Repair materials for marine structures ; Corrosion in concrete ; Material sin repair and rehabilitation ; Materials for special repair ; New materials for coastal embankments ; Non-destructive testing ; Structural health monitoring ; Wireless sensor networking ; Repair and rehabilitation- Fenders ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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