Gastric Lavage Procedure Animation

Daya, R. (Rupesh) ; Kibel, M (Maurice) ; Stent, S. (Stacy)


This resource can be used to illustrate the gastric lavage procedure. Gastric lavage is the standard method of obtaining specimens for Tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis in young children. It is generally carried out only in infants and children below the age of two years. In older children specimens for TB microscopy and culture are better obtained by sputum induction, or voluntary coughing. There are two items included here: 1. Gastric lavage Presentation.PPT - presentation that illustrates and explains the procedure with text 2. Gastric lavage Animation sequence.PPT - Animation which demonstrates how this procedure can be performed Art work in this animation should be attributed to Stacey Stent. Conceptualisation and the description of the content in the teaching materials should be attributed to Rupesh Daya and Professor Maurice Kibel.

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University of Cape Town

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