Marine Hydrodynamics

Sahoo, T.

Modules / Lectures : Introduction to Marine Hydrodynamics ; Law of Conservation of Mass - Continuity Equation ; Streamlines and Flow Direction ; Worked Examples on Various Types of Flow ; Equation of Motion (Law of Conservation of Momentum) ; Applications of Equations of Motion ; Two Dimensional Flows ; Source, Sink and Doublet ; Worked Examples on Two Dimensional Flows ; Conformal Mapping and Joukowsky Transformation ; Uniform Flow Past an Elliptic Cylinder ; Aerofoil theory ; Schwarz - Christoffel Transformation ; Motion of a cylinder ; Vertex Motion ; Irrotational Flow - A Bird\'s eyeview ; Introduction to Water Waves ; Basic Equation and Conditions of Water Waves ; Water particle kinematics in wave motion ; Capillary Gravity Waves ; Linearised Long Wave Equation ; Wave motion in two layer fluids ; Worked Examples on Wave Motion ; Gravity wave transformation and energy rotation ; Navier - Stokes equation of motion ; Analysis of Basic Flow Problems ; Unsteady unidirectional flows ; An introduction to Boundary Layer Theory ; Solution methods for Boundary Layer Equations ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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