Dynamics of Ocean Structures

Chandrasekaran, S. (Srinivasan)

Modules / Lectures : Introduction to different types of ocean structures ; Types of Compliant towers ; New Generation offshore and Coastal structures ; Environmental forces ; Wave forces, Current ; Introduction to Structural dynamics ; Characteristics of single degree - of- freedom model ; Methods of writing equation of motion ; Free and forced vibration of single degree - of - freedom systems ; Undamped and damped systems ; Comparison of methods ; Numerical problems in single degree - of - freedom systems ; Two degrees - of - freedom systems ; Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors ; Orthogonality of modes ; Study of Multi degrees - of - freedom systems ; Equations of motion ; Natural frequencies and mode shapes ; Stodla, Rayleigh - Ritz and influence coefficient methods, Dunkerley ; Continuous system ; Structural action of offshore structures ; Fluid - Structure interaction ; Dynamic analysis of offshore jacket platforms ; Steps of analysis using software ; Dynamic analysis of articulated towers ; Iterative frequency domain ; Multi - legged articulated towers ; Response control of multi-legged articulated towers using tuned mass dampers Experimental and analytical studies on MLAT ; Development of Tension Leg Platforms and geometric optimization ; Dynamic analyses of TLPs ; Development of Mass, stiffness and damping matrices of TLP from first principles ; Estimate of classical damping ; TLPs under seismic excitation ; Direct Integration method ; Development of new generation offshore structures ; Introduction to stochastic dynamics of ocean structures ; Response spectrum ; Narrow band process ; Return period, Fatigue prediction ; Modal response method, Modal mass contribution ; Missing mass correction ; Duhamel's integrals ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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