Volumetric Chemical Analysis

Shiundu, P. M. (Paul M.)



This module covers introductory topics that are fundamental to analytical chemistry; the branch of chemistry that deals with qualitative and quantitative aspects of chemical analysis. In this module, we shall examine the quantitative aspects of reactions in aqueous solution. These quantitative dimensions are sometimes referred to as solution stoichiometry. The focus will be on volumetric chemical analysis and specifically titration, which is one of the techniques for studying solution stoichiometry. Through titration, the quantitative studies of acid-base neutralization reactions will be covered. In addition, a review of the basic concepts of chemical equilibria and specifically, acid-base equilibria will also be treated. As a prelude to all the topics mentioned, the concept of reliability in quantitative measurements such as sampling procedures, uncertainty as well as statistical treatment and presentation of experimental results will be discussed.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

DOER Persistent Identifier: http://doer.col.org/handle/123456789/374