Physical Chemistry 2

Munyati, O. M. (Onesmus M.)



This module develops upon the concepts introduced in the module Physical chemistry 1, which focused on kinetic molecular theory, thermodynamics and chemical kinetics. It covers the study of solutions and colloids, phase equilibrium, electrochemistry and nuclear chemistry. In solutions, we examine essentially the behaviour of homogenous mixtures involving pure substances. We shall also look at colloids, which differ from solutions only in terms of sizes of the solute. The topic of phase equilibrium looks at the physical transformation of pure substances. Ideas of energy and entropy will be applied to the physical equilibrium among the phases of one or more pure substances under different conditions of temperature and pressure. In electrochemistry, we focus on chemical systems that involve the transfer of electrons or charged species i.e. oxidation – reduction reactions.. Nuclear chemistry looks at processes that are associated with the nucleus. Nuclei of certain isotopes are unstable and undergo spontaneous decay emitting ionising and non-ionisation radiation. We shall examine why certain nuclear processes occur and how such processes can be harnessed for peaceful applications.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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