Mechanics of Laminated composite structure

Tiwari, N. (Nachiketa)

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Modules / Lectures : Introduction ; Behavior of Unidirectional Composites ; Analysis of an Orthotropic Ply ; Thermal Stresses in Plates ; Analysis of a Laminated Composite ; Equilibrium Equations for Plates ; Boundary Conditions for Rectangular Plates ; Semi-Infinite Plates ; Thermal Stresses in Plates ; Finite Rectangular Plates ; Simply Supported Plates with Normal Load ; Rectangular Plates with SS on Two Sides ; Virtual Work Approaches ; Application of Galerkin Method ; The Galerkin Method ; The Role of D16 in a Simply-Supported Rectangular Plate ; Energy Methods ; Stability of Conservative Systems ; Geometric Nonlinearity in Composite Plates ; Buckling and Geometric Nonlinearity ; Buckling of Plates ; Behavior of Short-Fiber Composites ; Closure ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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