Organic Chemistry 2

Mhehe, G. (George)



The module deals wth the concept of aromaticity and aromatic compounds. It discusses the characteristic properties of aromatic compounds that are based on the benzene ring as the structural unit. The major part of this module therefore discusses the chemistry of benzene and its derivatives. Components of the module: * Aromaticity * Benzene and its derivatives * Heterocyclic aromatic compouds * Aromatic compounds and heterocyclics Unit I discusses important features that make a compound to be aromatic. Aromatic compounds are cyclic conjugated molecules. Unit II, discusses electrophilic aromatic substitutions of benzene and its derivatives: Halogenation, nitration, sulphonation and Friedel/Crafts reactions. Unit III, is on the chemistry of furan, thiophene, pyrrole, and pyridine as representatives of heterocyclic armatic compounds.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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