Introductory Chemistry 1

Shiundu, P. M. (Paul M.) ; Yusuf, D. M. (Dahir M.)



This module covers introductory topics that are fundamental to understanding the subject of chemistry. In this module, we shall examine the structure of the smallest part of an element known as the atom (the building blocks of matter) and associated atomic models. The focus will be on the thought process involved in the development of the periodic table and its use in explaining the structure and properties of elements in “groups” and “periods”. Both microscopic (in which matter is regarded as a collection of atoms and molecules) and macroscopic (associated with the bulk properties of matter) views of matter will be considered. The underlying principles that govern structures and shapes of simple molecules and ions will be covered as well as the nomenclature for writing formula for binary inorganic compounds, cations and anions. In addition, a review of the concepts behinds interpretation and balancing of chemical equations, stoichiometric calculations involving quantitative relations in chemical reactions, calculations of percent composition by mass and derivation of molecular formula from experimental data will also be made.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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