Digital Integrated Circuits

Dasgupta, A. (Amitava)

Modules / Lectures : Digital Integrated Circuits◦Semiconductors ; Modelling of PN Junction Diodes ; Modelling of BJTs ; Diode and BJT Model Parameter Extraction ; BJT Inverters DC and Switching Characteristics ; Schottky Transistor ; Specifications of Logic Circuits ; Qualitative discussion on TTL Circuits ; Standard TTL Circuits ; Schottky (74s..) and Low power Schottky (74ls ; Advanced TTL Circuits ; I2 L Technology ; Edge triggered D-F/F ; I2 L - Condition for Proper Operation ; I2 L - Propagation delay Self aligned ; Schottky Transistor Logic ; Stacked I2 L ; ECL Basic Operation ; Quantitative analysis of ECL 10k Series gates ; ECL 100k series; Stacked ECL gates; D-F/F ; Emitter Function Logic;Low Power ECL ; Polyemitter Bipolar Transistor In ECL;Propagation ; Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Based ECL;ECL ; nMOS Logic Circuits ; CMOS :Introduction ; CMOS Inverter ; CMOS NAND,NOR and Other Gates: Clocked CMOS ; Dynamic CMOS ;Transmission Gates;Realization Of MUX,decoder, D-F/F ; BiCMOS Gates ; BiCMOS Driver;BiCMOS 32-bit Adder ; Digital Integrated Circuits ; CMOS SRAM ; BiCMOS SRAM ; DRAM-CMOS and BiCMOS ; ROM-EPROM,EEPROM and Flash EPROM ; GaAs MESFET Characteristics and Equivalent Circuits ; Direct Coupled FET Logic; Superbuffer FET Logic ; Buffered FET Logic; Schottky Diode FET Logic ; Transmission Line Effects ;

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