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Title: Performance of Marine Vehicles at Sea
Authors: Misra, S. C.
Sen, D. (Debabrata)
Keywords: oceanography
Edutags: Full Course
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)
Abstract: Modules / Lectures : Components of Resistance ; Dimensional Analysis ; Frictional Resistance ; Wave Making Resistance ; Other Components of Resistance ; Model Experiments ; Shallow Water Effects ; Ship hull form and Resistance ; Propeller Geometry ; Introduction to High Speed Crafts ; Propeller in Open Water ; Propeller 'behind' a ship ; Propeller experiments ; Propeller Theories ; Cavitation ; Regular Sea Waves ; Irregular sea Waves ; Ship Motion in Regular Waves ; Ship Motion in irregular Waves ; Motion in Short Crested Sea,Coupled Motions ; Derived Responses ; Ship Controllability : Introductory Notes ; Equation of Motion in Horizontal Plane ; Hydrodynamic Derivatives and Stability ; Hydrodynamic Derivatives and Stability ; Ship Trials and Maneuvers ; Heel During Turn, IMO Requirements ; Rudder Hydrodynamics ;
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