Economics / Management / Entrepreneurhip

Mohapatra, P. K. J.

Modules / Lectures : Introduction; Market Equilibrium: Demand and Supply; Elasticity of Demand; Demand Forecasting; Production; Exercises on Economics; Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships; Cost Management Systems and Activity Costing Systems; Relevant Information and Decision Making; Cost Allocation; Exercises on Economics (Contd.); Double-Entry Bookkeeping; Job Costing; Process Costing; The Master Budget; Flexible Budgets and Variance Analysis; Financial Statements; Analysis of Financial Statements; Exercises; Time Value of Money; Comparison of Alternatives; Depreciation Accounting; Exercises; Evolution of Management Thoughts; Functions of Management; Directing; Product Development; Forecasting Revisited; Capacity Planning; Capacity Planning (Contd.) and Plant Location; Product Service Strategies and Plant Layout; Plant Layout (Contd.) and Production Planning and Control; Inventory Management; Supply Chain Management; Supply Chain Management (Contd.) and Marketing Management; Forms of Ownership; Starting a New Company and Small-Scale Industrial Understandings; Capital Financing; Entrepreneurship – Final Words .

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