Statistical Inference

Kumar, S. (Somesh)

Modules / Lectures : Introduction and Motivation; Basic Concepts of Point Estimations ; Finding Estimators; Properties of MLEs; Lower Bounds for Variance; Sufficiency; Sufficiency and Information; Minimal Sufficiency, Completeness; UMVU Estimation, Ancillarity; Invariance; Bayes and Minimax Estimation; Testing of Hypotheses : Basic Concepts; Neyman Pearson Fundamental Lemma; Applications of NP lemma; UMP Tests; UMP Unbiased Tests; UMP Unbiased Tests : Applications; Unbiased Tests for Normal Populations; Likelihood Ratio Tests; Invariant Tests; Test for Goodness of Fit; Sequential Procedure; Confidence Intervals .

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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