Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems

Sivalingam, K. M. (Krishna Moorthy)

Modules / Lectures : Introduction to performance evaluation of computer systems ; How to avoid common mistakes ; Selection of techniques and metrics ; Case study: Selection of techniques and metrics ; Random Variables and probability distributions ; Probability distributions ; Stochastic process ; Markov Chain ; Slotted Aloha protocol model and discrete-time birth death process ; Continuous time Markov chain and queuing theory ; Queuing networks ; Slotted Aloha Markov model ; Simulations ; Operational laws ; Open and closed queuing networks ; Approximate MVA ; Convolution algorithm ; Load-dependent service centers ; Hierarchical decomposition ; Balanced Job Bounds ; Confidence interval for propotions and introduction to experimental design ; 2k factorial design ; 2k r factorial design and 2k-p fractional factorial design ; Programming aspects of discrete-event simulation ; PetriNets ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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