Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Systems

Das, P. K.

Modules / Lectures : Introduction & Some Definitions ; First Law of Thermodynamics (Closed System) ; First Law of Thermodynamics (Open System) ; Second Law of Thermodynamics ; Second Law and Carnot Principle ; Property of Pure Substance, Steam Table ; Ideal Gas Laws, Different Processes ; Introduction to Vapour Power Cycle ; Vapour Power Cycle ; Steam Power Cycle, Steam Nozzle ; Basic Concept of Turbine, Velocity Diagram ; Steam Turbine-Impulse ; Reaction Turbine Compounding ; Comparison of Different Staging Arrangement ; Basics Laws of Fluid Mechanics ; Pipe Friction, Major Loss, Minor Loss ; Pipeline & Pipe Network ; Refrigeration Vapour Compression Cycle ; Psychometrics ; Psychometric Processes ; Air Conditioning ; Summer & Winter Air Conditioning ; Gas Power Cycles, Cycles for IC Engines ; Gas Turbine Cycles ; Modification of Brayton Cycle ; Introduction to Convective Heat Transfer Forced&Free Convection ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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