Natural Language Processing

Bhattacharyya, P. (Pushpak)


Modules / Lectures : Introduction ; Stages of NLP ; Two approaches to NLP ; Sequence Labelling and Noisy Channel ; Noisy Channel: Argmax Based Computation ; Argmax Based Computation ; Noisy Channel Application to NLP ; Brief on Probabilistic Parsing & Start of Part of Speech Tagging ; Part of Speech Tagging ; Part of Speech Tagging counted… ; Part of Speech Tagging counted… & Indian Language in Focus; Morphology Analysis ; PoS Tagging contd… , Indian Language Consideration; Accuracy Measure ; PoS Tagging; Fundamental Principle; Why Challenging; accuracy ; PoS Tagging; Accuracy Measurement; Word categories ; AI and Probability ; HMM ; HMM, Viterbi, Forward Backward Algorithm ; HMM, Forward Backward Algorithms, Baum Welch Algorithm ; Natural Language Processing and Informational Retrieval ; CLIA; IR Basics ; IR Models: Boolean Vector ; IR Models: NLP and IR Relationship ; NLP and IR: How NLP has used IR, Toward Latent Semantic ; Least Square Method; Recap of PCA; Towards Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) ; PCA; SVD; Towards Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) ; Wordnet and Word Sense Disambiguation ; Wordnet; Metonymy and Word Sense Disambiguation ; Word Sense Disambiguation; Overlap Based Method; Supervised Method ; Word Sense Disambiguation: Supervised and Unsupervised methods ; Word Sense Disambiguation: Semi - Supervised and Unsupervised method; resource - constrained WSD ; Resource Constrained WSD; Parsing ; Parsing Algorithm ; Parsing Ambiguous Sentences; Probabilistic Parsing ; Probabilistic Parsing Algorithms ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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