Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming

Kumar, S. A. (S. Arun)

Contents : Computing : The Functional Way 3 Introduction to Computing, Our Computing Tool, Primitives: Integer & Real, Example: Fibonacci, Primitives: Booleans ; Algorithms: Design & Refinement: Technical Completeness & Algorithms, Algorithm Refinement, Variations: Algorithms & Code , Names, Scopes & Recursion ; Introducing Reals : Floating Point , Root Finding, Composition and Recursion ; Correctness, Termination & Complexity: Termination and Space Complexity , Efficiency Measures and Speed-ups, Invariance & Correctness ; Compound Data: Tuples, Lists & the Generation of Primes , Compound Data & Lists , Compound Data & List Algorithms ; Higher Order Functions & Structured Data: Higher Order Functions, Structured Data , User Defined Structured Data Types ; Imperative Programming: An Introduction : Introducing a Memory Model, Imperative Programming, Arrays ; A large Example: Tautology Checking : Large Example: Tautology Checking ; wise Index to Slides ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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