Advanced Operations Research

Srinivasan, G.

Modules / Lectures : Advanced topics in Linear Programming: Introduction and Linear Programming, Revised Simplex Algorithm, Simplex Method for Bounded Variables, One Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem, Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition Algorithm, Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition Algorithm Primal-Dual Algorithm, Primal-Dual Algorithm, Goal Programming-Formulations, Goal Programming Solutions Complexity of Simplex Algorithm ; Integer Programming: Complexity of Simplex Algorithm (Contd) Integer Programming, Integer Programming-Formulations, Solving Zero-One Problems, Branch And Bond Algorithm For Integer Programming, Cutting Plane Algorithm, All Integer Primal Algorithm, All Integer Dual Algorithm ; Network ModelsNetwork Models: Shortest Path Problem, Successive Shortest Path Problem, Maximum Flow Problem, Minimum Cost Flow Problem ; Travelling Salesman problem and extensionsTraveling Salesman Problem (TSP): Branch and Bound Algorithms for TSP, Heuristics for TSP, Chinese Postman Problem, Vehicle Routeing Problem ; Queueing Theory, Game theory, CPM and Quadratic Programming: Queueing Models, Single Server Queueing Models, Multiple Server Queueing Models, Game Theory, Critical Path Method, Quadratic Programming ;

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