Fundamentals of Combustion

Mishra, D. P.


Introduction: Introduction to combustion, Applications of combustion, Types of fuel and oxidizers, Characterization of fuel, Various combustion mode, Scope of combustion. Thermodynamics of Combustion: Thermodynamics properties, Laws of thermodynamics, Stoichiometry, Thermo-chemistry, adiabatic temperature, chemical equilibrium. Chemistry of Combustion: Basic Reaction Kinetics, Elementary reactions, Chain reactions, Multistep reactions, simplification of reaction mechanism, Global kinetics. Physics of Combustion: Fundamental laws of transport phenomena, Conservations Equations, Transport in Turbulent Flow. Premixed Flame: One dimensional combustion wave, Laminar premixed flame, Burning velocity measurement methods, Effects of chemical and physical variables on Burning velocity, Flame extinction, Ignition, Flame stabilizations, Turbulent Premixed flame. Diffusion Flame: Gaseous Jet diffusion flame, Liquid fuel combustion, Atomization, Spray Combustion, Solid fuel combustion. Combustion and Environment: Atmosphere, Chemical Emission from combustion, Quantification of emission, Emission control methods.

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