Radiation Heat Transfer

Srinivasan, J.

Modules / Lectures : Properties of Surfaces: Introduction ; Blackbody radiation; Properties of real surfaces; Spectral and directional variations; Radiation exchange between surfaces: Triangular enclosure; Evaluation of shape factors; Radiation in enclosures; Electrical analogy ; Applications; Non-gray enclosures; Enclosure with Specular surfaces ; Integral method for enclosures; Gas Radiation : Introduction to gas radiation; Plane parallel model; Diffusion approximation; Radiative equilibrium; Optically thick limit; Radiation spectroscopy; Isothermal gas emissivity; Band models; Total Emissivity method ; Isothermal gas enclosures; Well-stirred furnace model; Gas radiation in complex enclosures; Interaction between radiation and other modes of heat transfer; Radiation heat transfer during flow over flat plate; Scattering : ScatteringRadiation and Climate; Radiative-convective equilibrium; Radiative equilibrium with scattering; Radiation measurement; Radiation with internal heat source; Particle scattering; Scattering in the atmosphere; Non-isotropic scattering; Approximate methods in scattering: 1 ; Approximate methods in scattering: 2 ; Monte Carlo method .

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