Core sand casting video tutorials - Part 1 to 3

White, P. (Philip) ; Follows, C. (Chris) ; Grealish, B. (Bill)


Core sand casting experiment URL - Following the HUGE success of our introduction Sand casting tutorials on YouTube (100,000 Views) recommended viewing prior to viewing the core casting videos - The team at Camberwell spent the day experimenting with core making. Parts 1 – Download below –in this video (12.40) Philip White at Camberwell college of art prepares the cope and talks about the core casting experiments. VIEW HERE - - Part 2 - Download below – In this video (7.04) Philip White & Bill Grealish describe the making of the core mould using a metal tube about an inch in diameter cut in half lengthways, and filled with a solid sand mixture. VIEW HERE - Part 3 - Download below - In this video (7.04) - VIEW HERE -

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Camberwell College of the Arts

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