Film Series Five: Differentiation and Integration

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The use of differentiation can help us make sense of cost decisions that are being made daily in industries worldwide. In this series we ask a number of questions, such as; would it be cheaper to educate students if universities were larger? What happens to the costs of providing floor space as hotel buildings increase in size? Why does the mark-up on supermarket products vary so much between the different goods they sell? In the second part of the film we think about how partial differentiation helps us understand the relationship between price, output and profit in multi-product firms; where pricing decisions can be more complex than in single product firms. In the final section we discover how integration enables us to throw light on one of the most famous paradoxes in economics: the diamond/water paradox. These video clips and animations can be viewed in isolation, or you can use our learning pathway and follow links to related material in our Question Bank.

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