Primary Teacher’s Diploma by Distance Learning: Module Three: Numeracy

Kangwa, L. (Lemmy) ; Swazi, H. (Hector) ; Zulu, E. (Edgar)

Educating Our Future, the National Education Policy document, states, “A fundamental aim of the curriculum for lower and middle basic classes is to enable pupils to read and write clearly, correctly and confidently in a Zambian language and in English, and to acquire basic numeracy and problem-solving skills.” What do we mean when we say a person is numerate? This module explores the answer to this question by investigating both WHAT to teach and HOW to teach Mathematics effectively. After completing this module, teachers will be able to: Communicate effectively with pupils in their class to facilitate learning of mathematics Assess and analyse learning difficulties of their pupils and provide the necessary remedies Teach lower basic classes mental arithmetic and estimation skills and problem-solving Create activities for teaching mathematics practically Teach Mathematics effectively to Lower and Middle basic classes: using a variety of learner-centred techniques.

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Ministry of Education - Republic of Zambia

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