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Life Orientation (Grade 4)

dc.contributor.authorSiyavula Uploaders
dc.description.abstractTerm 1: Healthy Menus - What is in your lunchbox? - A healthy environment and Personal Health - Health Rights and Responsibilities for Children - Road Safety ||| Term 2: Children's Rights - Prejudice and Stereotyping - The relationship between adults and children - Moral lessons from folklore - Places of worship ||| Term 3: Know yourself - Respect for others - Study methods and homework ||| Term 4: Fun Games - We learn while playing - Basic Skill Exercises - Safety in the wateren_US
dc.subjectdietetics & nutritionen_US
dc.subjectsafety & securityen_US
dc.subjecthuman & civil rightsen_US
dc.subjectstudy skillsen_US
dc.titleLife Orientation (Grade 4)en_US
dc.identifier.edutagsEnquiry-Oriented Activityen_US
dc.identifier.edutagsLearning Asseten_US
dc.identifier.learningresourcetypeEducator Guideen
dc.identifier.learningresourcetypeEnquiry-Based Activityen

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