Circuit Theory

Hussain, T. (Tajammul)


All electrical devices and computers are based upon some electric elements and circuits. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a basic knowledge of linear circuits, and linear circuit elements (like voltage and current sources, resistor, capacitor and inductors) the goal is to develop in the student an understanding of analysis of electric circuits and an analytic approach to solve a circuit network using different techniques and theorems. Semiconductors are of obvious importance, as they are the basis for the development of modern electronics. Semiconductors, the lifeblood of microchips that epitomize modern technology, are special in many ways. Semiconductors are materials that conduct electricity better than insulators, but not as well as conductors. Yet, by altering their structure a little bit, we gain the ability to build components whose electrical properties we can control with tremendous ease, allowing us to use them in electronic applications in so many ways. The second half of this course will then start to talk about the basics of semiconductor devices (Diodes and Transistors), their types and functions.

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Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP)

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