Ethical Issues for Magistrates: Manual for Trainers

Franco, J. (Jane) ; Miller, K. (Karen)

The manual is divided into six training modules, each of which includes a discussion of the subject at hand and a number of exercises which can be used in training. Introduction for trainers: Ethics and its importance in the magistracy; How to use the manual Module 1: Values and decisions: Self-awareness; An exploration of individual values; The importance of values and integrity in the application of judicial ethics Module 2: Corruption: gifts and favours Module 3: Recusal and disclosure; Integrity and impartiality Module 4: Extra-judicial activities; Judicial activism; Memberships of clubs and organisations; Holding other positions and receiving remuneration; Social behaviour Module 5: Conduct in court; Appropriate and inappropriate conduct; Controlling proceedings; Seeing that justice is done; Adversarial v inquisitorial systems Module 6: Personal learning and change; Reflection on learning on the programme; Process of change; Plans for the future

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University of Cape Town

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