Certificate in Computer Application

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"Lesson-1 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design, Lesson-2 System description Techniques, Lesson-3 System Development Methodologies, Lesson-4 Visual FoxPro - An Introduction, Lesson-5 Visual FoxPro - Menu System, Lesson-6 Creating Tables and Viewing Data, Lesson-7 Creating Query with Query Wizard and Query Designer, Lesson-8 Creating Form with form Wizard and Form Designer, Lesson-9 Creating Reports with Report Wizard and Report Designer, Lesson-10 Fundamentals of 'C', Lesson-11 Operators and Expressions in 'C', Lesson-12 Input and Output of data, Lesson-13 A complete C Program, Lesson-14 Making decisions in 'C', Lesson-15 Functions in 'C', Lesson-16 Arrays, Lesson-17 Pointers, Lesson-18 Structures and unions, Lesson-19 Data files, Lesson-20 C Preprocessor, Lesson-21 Setting up a computer business centre

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