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  • Pain and Aspirin 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    What causes pain and how do we stop it? This unit looks at how the human body responds to the release of certain chemicals and as a result feels pain. Pain can be reduced by inhibiting the formation of such chemicals and ...

  • Perinatal HIV 

    Woods, D. L.; Adhikari, M.; Bobat, R. (Bettercare, 2011)
    Perinatal HIV enables midwives, nurses and doctors to care for pregnant women and their infants in communities where HIV infection is common. Special emphasis has been placed on the prevention of mother-to-infant transmission ...

  • Physical Hazards 

    Su, A. T. (Anselm T.) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    Identify the classes of hazards; Explain the circumstances of Physical Hazards

  • Physiological Mechanisms 

    Kurup, V. T. (Vani T.) (National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR), 2014-06)
    Chemical foundations of physiology; Transport mechanisms; Homeostatic mechanisms; Biomolecules;

  • The Physiology of the Kidneys 

    Not available; Rolfe, V. (Vin) (University of Nottingham, 2013-08)
    Aimed at pre-registration Nursing students studying human biology, this learning object introduces the physiology of the kidney, examining the processes by which the kidneys filter blood, control body pH and eliminate the ...

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health (DOH) - Module 3 

    Jeebhay, M. (Mohamed); Myers, J. (Jonny) (University of Cape Town, 2011-06)
    The third module of a total of 8 modules for a two year part-time flexible distance learning course aimed primarily at medical doctors currently practising occupational health. It includes a residential block release ...

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health (DOH) - Modules 1 and 2 

    Myers, J. (Jonny) (University of Cape Town, 2011)
    First two modules of a two year part-time flexible distance learning course aimed primarily at medical doctors currently practising occupational health. It includes a residential block release component which consists ...

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health: Module 3: Occupational Medicine & Toxicology (Basic) 

    Jeebhay, M. (Mohamed); Ehrlich, R. (Rodney) (University of Cape Town, 2007)
    The third module of a total of 8 modules for a two year part-time flexible distance learning course aimed primarily at medical doctors currently practising occupational health.

  • Practical Approach to Reasearch for Healthcare Professionals 

    Ng, C. J. (C. Jenn) (University of Malaya, 2015-09)
    The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a series of video lectures covering healthcare research practices.

  • Primary Maternal Care 

    Greenfield, D. H.; Louw, H.; Theron, G. B. (Bettercare, 2011)
    Primary Maternal Care addresses the needs of health workers who provide antenatal and postnatal care, but do not conduct deliveries. It is adapted from theory and skills chapters from Maternal Care. This book is ideal for ...

  • Primary Newborn Care 

    Woods, D. L.; Greenfield, D.; Theron, G. (Bettercare, 2011)
    Primary Newborn Care was written specifically for nurses and doctors who provide primary care for newborn infants in level 1 clinics and hospitals. Primary Newborn Care addresses the care of infants at birth, care of normal ...

  • Principles of Social Psychology 

    Stangor, C. (Charles); Jhangiani, R. (Rajiv); Hammond, T. (Tarry) (BC Campus, 2014)
    The first International edition of this textbook provides students with an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of social psychology from an interactionist perspective. The presentation of classic studies and ...

  • Procedures in Clinical Chemistry 

    Yeboah, F. A. (Francis A.); Engleberg, C. (Cary) (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, 2009)
    This online resource features text and video resources along with self-tests to enable students to practice the skills needed to conduct a glucose tolerance test for the diagnosis of diabetes.

  • Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

    Jeffery, S. (Stephen) (University of Cape Town, 2010)
    Book providing practical approach to broad range of procedures in obstetrics and gynaecology. As doctors practicing Obstetrics and Gynaecology, we care for women on a daily basis who are dependant on our level of practical ...

  • Prognostication Decision Tree Tutorial 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-08)
    To recognise the important factors needed to make a judgement about a patient’s stage of disease and prognosis. To apply this knowledge when making treatment decisions.

  • Promoting Equitable Access to Health Care for Households 

    McIntyre, D. (Di); Gilso, L. (Lucy) (University of Cape Town, 2011)
    To develop an understanding of the dimensions of access to health care; Create greater awareness of health care access constraints from the household perspective; Promote critical evaluation of policy options to address ...

  • Promoting Mental Health in Scarce-Resource Contexts: Emerging Evidence and Practice 

    Petersen, I. (Inge); Bhana, A. (Arvin); Flisher, A. J. (Alan J.) (University of Cape Town, 2010)
    Mental health promotion strives to improve mental health through developing ways of adjusting and coping with challenges. These strategies are at the heart of human development and can strengthen social and economic outcomes, ...

  • Public Health Approaches to Infectious Disease 

    Davey, B. (Basiro) (The Open University (OUUK), 2016-03)
    This free course, Public health approaches to infectious disease, reviews the current global burden of infectious disease, the public health strategies that are reducing the impact of some major infections and the challenges ...

  • Public health in community settings: An introduction 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-08)
    This unit introduces you to some key aspects of community level engagement, in particular how to get to know the locality in which you want to work and how you might work in partnership with local people. In doing so, it ...

  • Public Health Nutrition: Policy and Programming 

    Swart, R. (Rina); Chopra, M. (Mickey); Sanders, D. (David) (University of the Western Cape, 2013)
    This course is designed to guide you through different countries’ experiences in nutrition programmes and policies. We will try and look critically at the various aspects of programming and the relationship between the ...