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  • Assertive outreach in psychiatry 

    Thurston, D. (David); Maughan, D. (Daniel) (University of Oxford, 2014-05)
    Dr Thurston is a psychiatrist at Oxford who has worked in assertive outreach for many years. He discusses the benefits of assertive outreach and their place in modern psychiatry and gives an overview of how psychiatry has ...

  • Autoimmune Disease 

    Powrie, F. (Fiona); Fugger, L. (Lars); Uhlig, H. (Holm) (University of Oxford, 2014-04)
    Autoimmune diseases, where the body's defence systems turn on itself, are chronic and can be devastating to people's lives. Our podcasts on autoimmune conditions detail research in NDM on some of these conditions, including ...

  • Automated Blood Counts in Clinical Practice 

    Opare-Sem, O. K. (Ohene K.); Engleberg, N. C. (N. Cary) (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, 2009)
    This interactive resource allows students to practice skills conducting an automated blood count in a clinical setting. Case studies are used to test students abilities and teach concepts.

  • Awareness of Alcohol and Substance Misuse 

    Voyage (2014-05)
    This course helps students identify the signs that service users are using illegal drugs or misusing legal drugs such as alcohol. Students will be able to provide people in their care with more effective guidance and ...

  • Ayurvedic Inheritance of India 

    Valiathan, M. S. (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2014-02)
    Modules / Lectures : Evolution of Ayurveda ; Key Concepts ; Healthy Living ; Diseases ; Surgical Conditions ; Rejuvenant therapy (Ras?yana); Enhancement of Sexual potency and ...

  • Bio-Ethics Bites 

    Churchland, P. (Patricia); Crocket, M. (Molly); Pickard, H. (Hanna) (University of Oxford, 2014-04)
    Bioethics is the study of the moral implications of new and emerging medical technologies and looks to answer questions such as selling organs, euthanasia and whether should we clone people. The series consists of a series ...

  • Biochemistry: Amino Acid Metabolism 

    Hashim, O. (Onn) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    Mechanisms in the disposal of nitrogen from amino acids; Catabolism of the carbon skeletons of amino acids; Gluconeogenesis; Biosynthesis of non-essential amino acids; Conversion of amino acids to specialised products

  • Biochemistry: Bile acids & Salts 

    M. S., K. (Kanthimathi) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    State the composition of bile and the role of bile acids/salts in lipid digestion (in detail) and cholesterol removal; Describe the formation of primary (in the liver) and secondary (in the intestine) bile acids, in detail, ...

  • Biochemistry: Biochemistry of Hormones 

    Hashim, O. (Onn) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    The classification of hormones; The various types of steroid hormones; Biosynthesis, inactivation and excretion of steroid hormones; The mechanisms of action of steroid hormones; Some clinical conditions related to steroid ...

  • Biochemistry: Blood Coagulation 

    Ali, J. M. (Johari bin M.) (University of Malaya, 2015)

  • Biochemistry: Development of GI System 

    David, R. P. (Rosie P.) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    Basic Principles & sections of the primitive gut tube; Mesenteries; Foregut: Esophagus, Stomach, Spleen, Duodenum, Liver & Gall Bladder, Pancreas; Midgut: Physiological Herniation, Rotation of midgut, Retraction of herniated ...

  • Biochemistry: energy metabolism in exercise 

    Kanthimathi, M. S. (University of Malaya, 2014)
    After completion of these lectures, students should be able to:  Discuss the regulation of energy metabolism in various physiological states. e.g. exercise (intense and sustained)  Describe lactose synthesis and its ...

  • Biochemistry: Erythrocyte Metabolism 

    Kanthimathi, M. S. (University of Malaya, 2013)
    Lecture from the University of Malaysia covering: Erythrocyte Metabolism Metabolism Glycolysis - 2,3- BPG Shunt Pentose Phosphate Pathway Importance of NADPH G6PD Deficiency

  • Biochemistry: Glycogen Metabolism 

    Ali, J. M. (Johari bin M.) (University of Malaya, 2013)
    Lecture covering: the structure and functions of glycogen, synthesis and degradation of glycogen, and the clinical correlation of glycogen storage diseases.

  • Biochemistry: Haemoglobin and Oxygen Transport 

    Hong, T. N. (Tan Nget) (UM OpenCourseware, 2013)
    Contains slides describing: Structure and Function of Myoglobin Structure of Haemoglobin Haemoglobinopathies Sickle-cell AnaemiaThalassemias

  • Biochemistry: Haemoglobin Degradation 

    Kanthimathi, M. S. (University of Malaya, 2013)
    Lecture from the University of Malaysia covering: HAEMOGLOBIN DEGRADATION State the fate of haemoglobin when red blood cells undergo senescence State the composition of bile Describe haem catabolism and the formation ...

  • Biochemistry: Haemoglobin degradation 

    M. S., K. (Kanthimathi) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    State the fate of haemoglobin when red blood cells undergo senescence; State the composition of bile; Describe haem catabolism and the formation of bilirubin; Describe the transport of bilirubin and subsequent processing; ...

  • Biochemistry: Lipid Metabolism 

    Hashim, O. (Onn) (University of Malaya, 2013)
    Lecture from University of Malaysia covering: Lipid Metabolism Oxidation of Fatty Acids & Ketone Bodies Biosynthesis of Fatty Acids Regulation of Fatty Acid Metabolism Metabolism of Acylglycerols & the Mobilisation of Fat

  • Biochemistry: Lipoprotein and Cholesterol Metabolism 

    Junit, S. B. M. (Sarni binti Mat) (University of Malaya, 2013)
    Lipoprotein and Cholesterol Metabolism The different types of lipoproteins, their general structures, compositions and functions The synthesis and catabolism of the various forms of plasma lipoproteins The de novo ...

  • Biochemistry: Metabolic Adaptations in Pregnancy 

    Kanthimathi, M. S. (University of Malaya, 2013)
    Lecture from the University of Malaysia covering:METABOLIC ADAPTATIONS IN PREGNANCY The effect of the foetus on maternal energy metabolism in early and late gestation. Sources of energy for the mother and foetus. The ...