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  • Access to Knowledge in Africa: The Role of Copyright 

    Armstrong, C.; de Beer, J.; Kawooya, D.; Prabhala, A.; Schonwetter, T. (University of Cape Town, 2010)
    The emergence of the Internet and the digital world has changed the way people access, produce and share information and knowledge. Yet people in Africa face challenges in accessing scholarly publications, journals and ...

  • The BBC - Defending the public interest 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    From 2007 the Governors were replaced by Trustees; but there was still disquiet about the best method of regulating the BBC. BBC regulation is fragmented: some regulatory functions rest with OFCOM, and the National Audit ...

  • The BBC - Protecting it from the Government 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    For 80 years the BBC Governors were charged with regulating the BBC and representing the interests of the licence fee payers. The Governors appointed the Director-General, approved strategy, oversaw complaints and were ...

  • Business & Labor Law 

    Rao, K. A. (Khalil Ahmad) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2013-04)
    This course focuses on various business and labor laws prevailing in Pakistan by first introducing the legal system of Pakistan and then describing various laws. It covers various business laws like Law of Contract, Law ...

  • Changing Law: Mental Capacity Legislation 

    Cornock, M. (Marc); Bates, P. (Phil) (The Open University (OUUK), 2016-03)
    The aim of this free course, Changing law: mental capacity legislation, is to consider how legal problems are identified and how the law develops to address those problems. It uses the evolution of legislation on decision ...

  • Choosing your baby 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    How IVF and embryology have developed to enable would-be parents to use embryo diagnosis to select an embryo free of an inherited disease. We will question whether this has an adverse effect on attitudes towards the disabled. ...

  • Civil Partnerships 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Since 2004 two men or two women may enter a legally recognised union that carries many, but not all, of the legal rights and responsibilities of marriage. This is a trend throughout the Western World. How has civil ...

  • Cohabitation and the Law 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    The number of couples living together has risen to a record level. Why do they avoid marriage and civil partnership? How can former cohabitants resolve their legal issues when the relationship ends? Should there be a ...

  • Coleridge's Laws: A Study of Coleridge in Malta 

    Hough, B. (Barry); Davis, H. (Howard); Kooy, M. J. (Michael John); Davis, L. (Lydia) (Open Book Publishers, 2014-04)
    1. The Battle of Self 2. Coleridge's Malta 3. The Constitutional Position of the Civil Commissioner 4. Coleridge's Proclamations and Public Notices 5. Thematic Analysis of the Proclamations and Public Notices 6. ...

  • Commonwealth Distance Training Course in Legislative Drafting 

    Patchett, K. (Keith) (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2003)
    The curriculum for the Commonwealth of Learning/Commonwealth Secretariat's Legal and Constitutional Affairs Division (ComSec) legislative drafting programme was put together by an international project advisory group of ...

  • Company Law PG 

    Unknown author (University of Leicester, 2013-08)
    The aim of this course is to introduce students to the theoretical issues and practical problems which underlie modern company law in the UK Continental Europe and elsewhere. The course begins by looking at the key concept ...

  • Company Law UG 

    Unknown author (University of Leicester, 2013-08)
    An overview of a Company Law Cources.

  • Constitutions in Transition 

    Wesemann, A. (Ann) (The Open University (OUUK), 2016-05)
    This free course, Constitutions in transition, explores and compares the development of four nation-state constitutions from around the world: South Africa, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom. It looks at some of the ...

  • Consumer Law 

    Cartwright, P. R. (Peter R.) (University of Nottingham, 2010)
    We are all consumers of goods and services, and we all, at some time or other, appreciate the protection that the law offers. The law has been used to protect consumers for a long time. Magna Carta makes reference to a ...

  • Copyright 

    Bebbington, L. (Laurence); Cross, F. (Fay) (University of Nottingham, 2011)
    In using copyright works (e.g. journals or newspaper articles, books, photographs, music) for study or research you are expected to observe certain legal and ethical constraints. In particular, you are bound to abide by ...

  • A Copyright Bibliography 

    Not available (Otago Polytechnic, 2009)
    1. Copyright NZ Legislation 2. Copyright General 3. Copyright/Intellectual Property/MAORI IP 4. Copyright and Creating. 5. Machinima 6. Illegal Art or Illegal Imagination? 7. Creative Commons Licenses.

  • Copyright Guide for Educators in SA 

    Donnelly, S. (Shihaam) (University of Cape Town, 2010)
    This resource contains materials for educators on copyright laws in South Africa, particularly educators in higher education. It is intended to assist educators in their awareness of copyright laws. Included on the website ...

  • Corporate Law 

    Sherwani, R. A. (Rehan Aziz) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-07)
    Major Topics: 1. Companies Ordinance, 1984, 2. Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969. (Ordinance no. XVII of 1969), 3. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Act, 1997 (Act No. XLII of 1997), 4. Establishment & ...

  • Corporate responsibility for industrial incidents 

    Zambellas, A. (Amanda) (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-08)
    The unit explores the law on corporate responsibility for industrial incidents looking at the UK law, impact of globalisation and exploring Bhopal as a case study.

  • Cousin Marriage 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Prohibited in some states, but very common in the Middle East and Asian communities, cousin marriages result in a small increase in the number of babies with genetic problems. How serious is the problem, and how should ...