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  • 3D Cursor 

    Banerjee, Monisha; Raman, Chirag; Deorukhkar, Sneha (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2011-12-15)
    Outline: 3D Cursor: Navigation - Concept of 3D Cursor; Using the 3D Cursor while Modeling/Animating; To add new objects to the 3D view in Blender using 3D cursor; The snapping options for 3D ...

  • Absorption Column 

    Datta, Kaushik; Nayak, Priyam (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2018-03-06)
    Outline: Selecting chemical components and thermodynamics; Adding material streams to the flowsheet; Defining the properties of the streams; Adding CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation to the flowsheet; ...

  • Abstract Class 

    Patil, Ashwini R (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2012-08-08)
    Outline: Abstract class in C++; -Pure virtual function-abstract class; -abstract methods. Pre-requisite: Polymorphism

  • Acid-base Titrations 

    Ganapathi, Madhuri; Kaliappan, Snehalatha (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2017-03-06)
    Outline: Standardisation of the following solutions using titration method; Strong-Acid(HCl) with Strong-Base(NaOH); Strong-Acid(HCl) with Weak-Base(NH3). Pre-requisite: Dilutions and pH Measurement

  • Acoustics 

    Not available (Wikibooks, 2014-03)
    Fundamentals of Acoustics; Fundamentals of Room Acoustics; Fundamentals of Psychoacoustics; Sound Speed; Filter Design and Implementation; Flow-induced Oscillations of a Helmholtz Resonator; Active Control; ...

  • Adding Functionalities using Modules 

    Acquia and OSTraining; Spoken Tutorial Team (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2016-06-10)
    Outline: - Introduction to Modules; - Explaining about default modules; - Activating Book module and Forum module; - Creating user manual using Book module; - Creating forums using Forum module; - Adding forum ...

  • Advance Computer Architecture 

    Sheikh, N. M. (Noor M.) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-01)
    This course will provide the students with an understanding of the various levels of studying computer architecture, with emphasis on instruction set level and register transfer level. This course prepares the students to ...

  • Advance topics in a function 

    Spoken Tutorial & FOSSEE Team; IIT Bombay (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2014-05-08)
    Outline: Advance topics in a function; Source command; Source command usage example; Brief description on background function; Illustration of bg function; Use of Jobs command to find job ...

  • Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design 

    Zafar, N. A. (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-01)
    This is a graduate level course. The major objective of this course is providing comprehensive knowledge of modern computer algorithms and solving scientific and engineering problems efficiently and accurately. The students ...

  • Advanced Computer Architecture II 

    Chughtai, A. (Ashraf) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-01)
    This is a graduate level course. It builds on the concepts presented in the undergraduate computer architecture course. The emphasis is given to expose advances in the field through cost-performance-power trade-offs and ...

  • Advanced Computer Networks 

    Qayyum, A. (Amir) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-01)
    This is a graduate level course. The emphasis will be to develop better realization and understanding of widespread Internet, diffused in our daily life as a reality. The course will introduce networking concepts and ...

  • Advanced Operating Systems 

    Zaidi, F. (Farhan) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-01)
    This is a graduate level course. The objectives of the course are to explore the design principles of computer operating systems and to emphasize on implementation details of various sub-modules of operating systems. The ...

  • Advanced Operations Research 

    Srinivasan, G. (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2010)
    Modules / Lectures : Advanced topics in Linear Programming: Introduction and Linear Programming, Revised Simplex Algorithm, Simplex Method for Bounded Variables, One Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem, Dantzig-Wolfe ...

  • Advances in Nanotechnology 

    Moriarty, P. (Phillip) (University of Nottingham, 2012)
    In this podcast, Professor Moriarty, a researcher in the field of nanotechnology, discusses nanotechnology, and how it has led to a convergence of the traditional sciences. He talks about the commercial applications of ...

  • Algorithms and Data Structures 

    Nievergelt, J. (Jurg); Hinrichs, K. (Klaus) (BC Campus, 2011)
    This is a textbook for first year Computer Science. Algorithms and Data Structures With Applications to Graphics and Geometry.

  • Android Programming: First Thrust Towards Android 

    Not available (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2016-08)
    This course is intended for people who aspire to learn android programming and develop android applications. The learner needs to have basic knowledge of computers, the Internet and Java programming.

  • Applied Mechanics 

    Mittal, R. K.; Sanghi, S. (Sanjeev) (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2010)
    61 Lectures in this course: 1 - Preliminary Concepts (59:09)- 2 - Vector Analysis (52:01) - 3 - Analysis of Forces (56:57) - 4 - Analysis of Equilibrium (56:33) - 5 - Structural Mechanics - Part-1 (54:28)- 6 - ...

  • Arduino components and IDE 

    Patnaik, Srikant (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2016-07-27)
    Outline: Set up a physical connection between Arduino and a computer; Connect the Arduino board to the computer using the USB cable; Various components available in Arduino hardware; ATMEGA 328 ...

  • Arduino with LCD 

    Patnaik, Srikant; Spoken Tutorial Team; IIT Bombay (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2016-10-24)
    Outline: Connect an LCD to Arduino board; See the details of the circuit connection; See how to do the soldering; Setup the components as per the circuit diagram; ...

  • Arduino with Tricolor LED and Push button 

    Patnaik, Srikant; IIT Bombay; Spoken Tutorial Team (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2016-09-08)
    Outline: Tricolor LED - Common Cathode Tricolor LED; Other external devices that are required for this experiment; Understand the connection circuit details; Connect a tricolor LED to Arduino board; Write a program ...