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  • Consensus 

    Not available (SeedsforChange, 2014-05)
    A short guide to Consensus Decision Making; Consensus Decision Making ; Consensus Flowchart; Consensus Mice Poster/Leaflet ;

  • Consensus Decision Making 

    Not available (SeedsforChange, 2014-05)
    Conditions for consensus; Facilitation; The decision making process; A consensus flowchart; Agreement and disagreement; Guidelines for reaching consensus; Key skills for consensus; Consensus in large groups;

  • Facilitation 

    Not available (SeedsforChange, 2014-05)
    A short guide to Facilitating Meetings; Facilitating Meetings; Making Meetings Accessible; Short Guide to Facilitating Workshops; Facilitating Workshops;

  • Facilitation Tools 

    Not available (SeedsforChange, 2014-05)
    Facilitation Tools for Meetings and Workshops; A short guide to Group agreements for workshops and meetings; A short guide to Using Questions in workshops; A short guide to Active Listening; A short guide to Giving and ...

  • Organising Successful Meetings 

    Not available (SeedsforChange, 2014-05)
    Before the Meeting: When will it happen? , Find a venue, Letting people know, Planning the meeting During the meeting; Ending the meeting; After the meeting; Tools for involving people ...