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  • Alan Turing: The Founder of Computer Science 

    Bowen, J. P. (Jonathan P.) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Professor Jonathan Bowen reflects on the brilliant work and tragic life of Alan Turing, the founder of computer science.

  • David and Goliath: Strength and Power in Sport 

    Barrow, J. D. (John D.) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Top athletes seem to get bigger and bigger. How does size affect performance? Why do some sports have weight categories while others don’t? What types of lever are employed in sports events like gymnastics and wrestling ...

  • Final Score 

    Barrow, J. D. (John D.) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Why are there so many different scoring systems in operation in sport? We look at how structuring matches into a series of sets affects the relative roles of luck and skill in determining the winner of the contest. Did ...

  • From World Brain to the World Wide Web 

    Campbell-Kelly, M. (Martin) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    The World Wide Web has evolved into a universe of information at our finger tips. But this was not an idea born with the Internet. This lecture recounts earlier attempts to disseminate information that influenced the Web ...

  • The Great Mathematicians 

    Wilson, R. (Robin); Flood, R. (Raymond) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    A lecture to mark the publication of Robin Wilson and Raymond Flood's new book. Mathematics pervades our daily lives. Our credit cards and the nation's defence are kept secure largely due to the properties of prime ...

  • How computers get it wrong: 2+2 = 5 

    Mann, T. (Tony) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    When lives depend on calculations, human error can kill. From the early days of computing, one problem has been that they generally work with a fixed number of digits, creating rounding errors. Chaos Theory has shown new ...

  • How Fast Can Usain Bolt Run? 

    Barrow, J. D. (John D.) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    How can Usain Bolt improve his world 100 metres sprint record significantly without improving his speed? How fast should he be able to run? We will also examine the mechanics of sprinting and the effects of wind assistance, ...

  • Let’s Twist Again: Throwing, Jumping, and Spinning 

    Barrow, J. D. (John D.) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Throwing things, and jumping up and down or along, lies at the root of many Olympic events. In the gymnasium, the velodrome, and the diving pool we also see the key role of rotation in dramatic displays of strength and ...

  • Maths and Sport 

    Barrow, J. D. (John D.) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Maths can tell us unexpected things about sporting movement and performance. We look at some of the things that we can learn about running, jumping, throwing, swimming and systems of point-scoring by using simple maths and ...

  • Selling Yourself Short: The Body, Property and Markets 

    Plant, L. (Lord) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    It might be thought that if I own anything then I own my body and this idea has been crucial in justifying rights to private property through the exercise of my intellectual and physical capacities. In addition if I own ...

  • The Tree of Life 

    Chartres, R. J. C. (Richard John Carew ) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Illuminating one of the City of London Festival’s main themes, the Bishop of London will explore trees as spiritual, mystical and religious symbols of faith and life.

  • Why are pianos out of tune? 

    Wilson, R. (Robin) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    This lecture explores various ideas of tuning and temperament from the time of Pythagoras, via Isaac Newton and J.S. Bach, to the present day. This is a part of the series, Maths and Music, which explores a range of ...